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Chleny odyn do odnoho,
Paul O’Neill reports the container of wheelchairs bound for South Africa left site on Thursday. Thanks again to all those who provided the muscle on Wednesday morning to get the container packed. Hearty appetites were evident once the job was done!
After a bit of a hiccup about timing, the packing of the second container commenced on Saturday morning. That task should be completed by Wednesday and there should be space available for some wheelchairs to also be donated to Vanuatu.
Board meeting this Wednesday morning 07:00 am at the Surfers Paradise SLSC and beverages at the Benowa Tavern on Thursday commencing at 4.30 pm.
Enjoy your week.
Mitch Brown,
President 2022-23
Last Wednesday’s guest speaker: PDG Tony Heading – TRF
Past District Governor Tony Heading is a veritable walking data centre on The Rotary Foundation (TRF), the only charity of Rotary International, (not to be confused with very worthwhile local, Rotary based charities, such as ROMAC, RAWCS, just to name a couple). All donations to TRF are tax deductible (via Rotary Foundation Australia). TRF is one of the largest non-government charities in the world, with a consistent, and rare, top rating of four stars by Charity Navigator, with 10/10 points in every segment of evaluation. TRF concentrates on seven Areas of Focus:
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Community economic development
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Maternal and child health
  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Environment
Surfers Sunrise, together with the Rotary clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast, has been a major beneficiary with a Global
Grant for the X-Ray Annexe for Mauna Hospital, recently packed into a container for shipment, with $15,000 (three grants of $5,000 each) to the three participating clubs. As Mario Fairlie outlined, “overall, the support we have received from the District and Rotary International has been phenomenal.” Our application has also had the support of other, international Rotary clubs. You may recall the recent visit of a group of Rotarians from the Rotary club of Kasoko, Japan as well as a New Zealand club.
One of the largest ongoing projects of TRF is dedicated to the eradication of Polio, Polio Plus. When it started in 1985, some 350,000 people worldwide suffered from Polio. Today, there are just 30 (28 in Afghanistan and 2 in Pakistan). For the world to be declared Polio free, there need to be zero cases for three years. A major milestone has been achieved that now even the Taliban allows for inoculation teams access into regions previously inaccessible. 
Another 306 Wheelchairs are on the way
Many hands make light work... OK, so it wasn't exactly light (unless you compare it to disassembling an entire building and stacking it in a container, as we did on the weekend). Great turn-up this morning to fill a 40 foot, high container with 306 wheelchairs, bound for the hinterlands of South Africa. By the time it was time to have breakfast, it was all loaded! A special "Thank You!" to Col Laurenson, who arranged the container and all the logistics and shipping paperwork. Photos by Charles Thomasson. From left: Doug Lipp, Charles Thomasson, Franz Huber, President Mitch Brown, Mark Twyford, Darrell Brown, Col Laurenson, Neil Thurlow, David Blackmore (guest of Doug Lipp), Andy Bell (not in picture) and of course to our bar-be-que chef, Angus Miller.
X-Ray Annexe is disassembled and loaded on container
Hard work last Saturday and Sunday for our members, volunteers, Rotaractors and helpers from the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast: The X-Ray Annexe for Mauna Health Centre, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu was disassembled and packed into a container, ready for shipment on Tuesday. Wonderful Gold Coast weather also translates to 30 degrees plus heat! A second container with the components not essential for the re-erection of the building, as well as electronics etc, is to follow. A big Thank You to all the helpers, including members, associate members, Rotaractors and members of the Broadbeach and Gold Coast Rotary Clubs; far too many to mention. But our President Mitch Brown deserves a special mention: he spent most of Sunday morning inside the container (estimated about 60 degrees C) receiving the components piece by piece and made sure that not a square inch of space was wasted.
Update: At last Wednesday's meeting, project coordinator Mario Fairlie advised that, due to delays caused by the cyclone in New Zealand, the shipment of the container has been delayed. A second container has been delivered to the project shed last Friday, ready to be loaded with the remainder of the materials.
Photo by Al Sirovs - see more in the Photo Album section on the right
Big Mauna Health Centre Project PR event planned for 5th April
A big PR breakfast has been organised, designed to highlight one of our club's "real big" projects: the X-Ray Unit for Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. This is a Multi-Club project, which also involves the Rotary Clubs of Broadbeach and Gold Coast.
The event is chaired by Mario Fairlie and Nicole Bricknell is charged with the overall organisation of the event. It will be held at breakfast on 5th April 2023 at the Cafe Catalina on the Broadwater Parklands, Southport. We expect various dignitaries to attend, including federal, state and local government representatives. Several have already accepted, including our District Governor, Karen Thomas. As Mario advised, we have confirmation that the Vanuatu Minister for Health, as well as "our man in Vanuatu", Dr Richard Leone, will attend.
 Bookings are open now - click on this link or click on the QRCode. This will be one of the most important meetings of the year for all members as well as associate members and all volunteers who have tirelessly worked to bring this project to fruition.
(Photo by Trent Belling (l-r): Trent Belling, Nicole Bricknell, Dr Graham Sivyer, Greg Bowler, Mario Fairlie)
District Conference is next week!
Our District 9640 Conference in Yamba is next week!
When: from 10 - 12th March 2023
Where: Bowlo Sports and Leisure Yamba
44 Wooli Street Yamba NSW 2464
You need to register (registration is free and includes Morning Tea, but - fair enough - meals and the dinner dance incur a fee.
Click here for details and to register:
Registrations close on 28th February 2023
Snippets of last week's meeting 220223
Last week's meeting was held at the project shed, in combination with a working bee to load wheelchairs into a container bound for South Africa (see story above). PDG Darrell Brown was meeting chairman. We had apologies from Peter Morgan, Adrian Crowe, Geoff Croad, Gerald East and Simon Brook, A special big "Thank You!" goes to Angus Miller, who organised and cooked us a hearty Bacon, Eggs & Sausages bar-be-que to feed the hungry hordes, after we exerted ourselves to load some 306 wheelchairs - literally - before breakfast... ☺
President Mitch Brown welcomed all members and visitors David Blackmoor (guest of Doug Lipp), Rotaractors KJ Jewson and Matt Howard. Following PDG Tony Heading's informative outline of The Rotary Foundation (see story above), Mario Fairlie announced that we have received confirmation that the Vanuatu Minister for Health, as well as "our man in Vanuatu", Dr Richard Leone, will attend the big media event at the Catalina Restaurant on 5th April (see story and booking link above). Although the shipment of the containers has been delayed due to the recent cyclone Gabrielle, the handover on Pentecost Island is expected to be in June 2023. 
Duty Roster
Duty Roster - note: subject to change - please check every week.  Note: Fellowship duty also is expected to be at the Project Shed on the Saturday following the meeting
DateDoorChairmanFellowship/Project Shed (following Saturday)
01/03/2023N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Gerald East (Saturday 4/03/2023 at the shed)
08/03/2023Adrian CroweFred HamblenMario Fairlie
15/03/2023N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Franz Huber
22/03/2023Ray HiggsGraeme IsaacsonDoug Lipp
29/03/2023N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)Doug Miller
05/04/2023Ian MayberryPeter MorganGeoff Croad
12/04/2023N/A (Social Meeting)N/A (Social Meeting)
Tash Price
19/04/2023Paul O'NeillLarry Murray
Adam Sheppard
Inspirations - well, sort of... 010323
Don't be worried about your smartphone or TV spying on you. Your vacuum cleaner has been collecting dirt on you for years. 
Wisdom includes not getting angry unnecessarily. The law ignores trifles and the wise man does too. Robert A. Heinlein – ‘Job: A Comedy of Justice’
My kid: "I feel like your'e always making up rules and stuff."
Me: "Like what?"
My kid: "Like if I don't clean my room, a portal will open and take me to another dimension."
Me: "Well, that's what happened to your older brother."
My kid: "What older brother?"
Me: "Exactly."
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