Posted by Franz Huber on Feb 22, 2023
Many hands make light work... OK, so it wasn't exactly light (unless you compare it to disassembling an entire building and stacking it in a container, as we did on the weekend). Great turn-up this morning to fill a 40 foot, high container with 306 wheelchairs, bound for the hinterlands of South Africa. By the time it was time to have breakfast, it was all loaded! A special "Thank You!" to Col Laurenson, who arranged the container and all the logistics and shipping paperwork. Photos by Charles Thomasson. From left: Doug Lipp, Charles Thomasson, Franz Huber, President Mitch Brown, Mark Twyford, Darrell Brown, Col Laurenson, Neil Thurlow, David Blackmore (guest of Doug Lipp), Andy Bell (not in picture) and of course to our bar-be-que chef, Angus Miller.
You can now check where the container ship is positioned: click here