In addition to the great talk by Rock O'Keefe (see above), we certainly had many other interesting things happening last week:
Meeting Chairman Peter Morgan opened the meeting, and took the opportunity to outline the reasons for his recent prolonged absence: he and Helen were living in Brisbane to assist their daughter who recently underwent a liver transplant surgery, made necessary due to her suffering an Auto Immune disease.  Peter happily reported good news - all is progressing well. Our best wishes to your daughter, Peter and Helen!
President Doug Lipp welcomed all members, wishing all a happy new year. Doug reminded us that the 36th anniversary of our club's charter will be on Tuesday 16th January (see image of Charter on right)
Paul Seymour announced that he had been accepted to participate in the Rotary Friendship Exchange to Pennsylvania. We'll be hosting their incoming team soon - watch this space for details.
Mario Fairlie brought us up to date on what happens at Pentecost Island, Vanuatu: The Blood Analyser machine wasn't working (yet), but this has now been addressed. An X-Ray specialist, based at Vanuatu's capital Port Vila, will travel to Pentecost in February to supervise the implementation of the X-Ray machine and train staff. A formal hand-over is planned for May; Mario indicated that he intends to travel there again to represent our club.
And, in case you wondered: our building survived the recent Category 5 Cyclone 'Lola', which passed right through Pentecost Island, with nary a scratch.  Well, not that its designer, Des La Rance, would have expected anything different.  But still good to know! smiley