Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 28, 2018
In the "good ol' days" people communicated... well, meeting face to face. Then the telephone was invented, but we still largely communicated face to face. Not anymore!  Social media is well and truly here and here to stay!  And since writing takes too long, a picture tells a thousand words and takes all of a couple of seconds.
Charles gave us a concise outline of a major new trend which has emerged in addition to Facebook and Twitter: Instagram.  The purchase of the app by Facebook in 2012 for $US 1 Billion (!!) put it truly on the map.  In essence: you take a photo with your mobile device and you can instantly upload it to Instagram, to be viewed by all your friends who follow you.  Their friends in turn might then also become aware of it, and so on... Talking about news spreading like wild fire!
Charles' Power Point presentation is uploaded in the Download Section on the right - it is quite self explanatory - just go over there and open it!