Posted by Franz Huber on Jan 27, 2018
That's what is called dedication: Greg Beard, himself a Rotarian, has worked exclusively in the not-for-profit sector for almost 20 years. Whilst most of us would have heard about and seen the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane, few would be even aware of the extent of that organization: it comprises seven hospitals, Health Centres, the world-class Mater Research, as well as Mater Pathology and Mater Pharmacy.  Greg's section, Mater in the Community is the philanthropic arm. 
The story of Mater starts with a vision that remains as current today as it was in 1861 when the first group of Sisters of Mercy arrived on Brisbane and set up a 20 bed private hospital in North Quay. Check out this online video. This was the start of a tradition of providing compassionate care for the sick and the needy – which eventually led to the establishment of seven hospitals treating over 500,000 patients each year. Mater in the Community provides an opportunity to learn more about Mater today. Just a few salient facts: Mater Mothers Hospitals deliver more than ten thousand babies each year and providing specialist care for more than 2000 premature and seriously ill babies! Not just 'traditional' Hospitals: there is a Neurosciences Centre of Excellence including a Stroke Unit and an Epilepsy Unit,  the Mater Young Adults Health Centre Brisbane for people aged 15 - 24. They provide education, they tackle homelessness and refugee health.  
Did you know that Mater had the first Radiation Room in Queensland? Today, the technology certainly has changed: Micro Surgery, allowing operations which just a few years ago would have involved hospitalization for days and weeks, completed in a short time with keyhole surgery and the patient is on the way home in as little as 4 hours...