Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 10, 2023
Rotary Club of FlintLast Wednesday, President Mitch Brown conducted a Club Assembly. Not uncommonly, if this type of event is poorly attended, it is a sign of a club that is not in shape. Not in Surfers Sunrise! We had an excellent roll call, with vigorous presentation and discussion. 
After the greetings and apologies (Peter Morgan (foot in plaster), Geoff Croad (in the country of the long white cloud) and Mario Fairlie (just had a knee operation) President Mitch commenced with a summary of goals set at the beginning of the Rotary year, compared to where we stand today. See the PDF in the Download section on the right: 
  • We are almost there to getting a Presidential Citation.  Of the goals we have not achieved, we have some which can indeed be achieved by 30th June. Others, such as No 4, 5, 6 and 7 we should achieve. I should say "will achieve", there is little doubt.
  • #12 - 2 Media Stories. All going according to plan, we'll have media present at our big PR event on 5th April (see separate article).
  • So, all in all, we are on the right track. 
Directors presented their individual reports: Club Service, Membership, Foundation, Fundraising all going well and according to plan - no detailed outline necessary.

Services Director Larry Murray's: 
  • We have completely run out of ready made wheelchairs for despatch - they are all gone to South Africa and Vanuatu respectively.
  • We have materials (castors, plywood, wheels, tyres) for 150 sets in stock
  • The Gold Coast University Hospital will deliver a container to be filled with hospital beds, destined for Donations in Kind
  • With the assistance of our new members Evan Mita and Jake Richards, who work with Mission Australia, we'll develop new programs to attact young people, including Rotaractors
Youth Service Director Ashleigh Symes:
  • We have had / have participants in RYLA, RYPEN, RYTS - 4 applications so far for the upcoming camp.
  • We will again work with the Surfers Paradise SLSC to present a Lutzy Award
  • International Youth Exchange will start up again
  • Looking to find a National Youth Science Forum candidate
Treasurer Charles Thomasson:
  • Paid $8,000 for the container to South Africa - you can track its progress - click here
  • Good income from the Bunnings Barbeques, but we need it!
  • Special thanks to Adrian Crowe who has organised 8 sites to collect Containers for Change
  • Special thanks to our former member Col Laurenson, who is still very active in organising the containers and logistics to ship wheelchairs and other goods to their overseas destinations.
The meeting concluded on time at 08:30 am - always a good sign of competent chairmanship. Thank you, President Mitch.