Posted by Franz Huber on Jan 13, 2023
Whew..! that was close! Regrettably, Tash and Adam had to cancel at the last minute, but fortunately, they were able to arrange a replacement speaker for our meeting last Wednesday: Denna (she will forgive you if you opt to omit her surname... ☺), who is the National Marketing Manager of an Australian registered charity, Global Glamping, accepted the challenge at very late notice. 
Now, there are some 55,000 charities registered in Australia, but Global Glamping certainly has a different approach.  Here is a brief write-up Denna provided me with. You can obtain full details on their website, or you can contact her directly - see her contact details at the end of this article.
What does the Charity do?
Our primary purpose is to solve homelessness in all of its formsThis includes people facing the real potential of economic homelessness from the gap between real wages and the cost of living; those affected by natural disasters and women that are fleeing domestic and family violence.
Regardless of where you are today, homelessness is only a circumstance or two away.
While we appreciate donations towards our cause, we would prefer to add value to the world than be a drain upon it. 
How does the charity help? 
  • We work with industry and manufacturing to create mobile, relocatable homes for those left homeless
  • We work with people at risk of homelessness as a result of Domestic Violence.  This includes the distribution of safety devices
How does the charity operate?
  • To fund our projects, we partner with Australian businesses to offer marketing, I.T., and promotional services to increase profitability, customers, and employment opportunities for mutual success. 
  • We primarily do this through our membership offering.
How can you get involved?
It’s the new way for humanitarian businesses.

Denna Szwajkowski
Direct: 07 4800 7071
Mobile: 0412 942 285