Last Saturday, the gods contributed to a very successful day with perfect weather. From 07:30 am till the late afternoon, our members and volunteers generated that irresistible scent of fried sausages and onions. Angus "Onion King" Miller, as has now almost become a tradition, organised bags full of chopped onions, a large Esky of sausages. Our "Minister for Everything" Geoff Croad had worked his fingers to the bone organising the volunteers and picking gear. Results aren't in yet, but no doubt it was a very successful fundraiser.  Our thanks go to all the organisers and helpers on the day (in no particular order) Andy Bell, Darrell Brown, Gerald East, Al Sirovs, Franz Huber, Johnny Bueti, Catherine Ayad (Johnny's partner), Paul Seymour, Kristen Jewson, Matt Hayward, Brian Pearson, Geoff Croad, Angus Miller, Ashleigh Symes, Mario Fairlie, Tash Price, Adam Sheppard, Adrian Crowe, Charles Thomasson, Mitch Brown, Ben Loots, Neil Thurlow. And of course a big Thank You to Bunnings, who provided all the Marquee and all the cooking equipment.
(Photo, from left: Charles, Johnny, Johnny's partner Catherine and a customer)