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Surfers Sunrise's banner, at the time it was created when the club was chartered in 1987, was probably the most daring in the Rotary world... ... and probably still is! It depicts a young woman in a (then) modern bikini. The background is the Surfers Paradise foreshore, with its first high-rise building, the 'Focus', in the foreground on the left. Yes, this has changed as well in the last 33 years since the banner was designed!
That was the image we wanted to project at that time, the image to go with a (very) young Rotary Club, the first Breakfast Club to be chartered on the Gold Coast:  Surfers Paradise on a crisp morning, at low tide, at its famous beach front. The bikini girl is nothing more than what would have been seen then on any day of the year (ok, in winter perhaps only the tourists from cold countries who think that 16 degrees is quite warm...).  The bikini girls are still there today, but...
... The world has moved on.  Since our charter, the public's expectations on what should and should not be representative of a Rotary Club - even one whose very location is right on the Surfers Paradise beach front - have changed.  Thus, with a bit of a tear in our eye, we have removed our banner from our Home Page and the club bulletin.